Foxworthy Baptist Church is committed to fulfilling its mission to Love God & Love People by creating an environment where visitors are welcomed and where disciples are equipped to live out their faith victoriously, sharing Christ and His promise of salvation with all.

We seek to accomplish that mission by being a place where:

1. Prayer is an active part of the church life.

2. The worship service is personally welcoming, culturally relevant and biblically sound.

3. Our church is visible and active in the community.

4. Families within our church and community are actively nurtured through ministries to children, youth, young adults, parents and couples.


"Love the Lord your God with all your heart & soul, your mind & strength; and love your neighbor as yourself."  Mark 12: 34

Love God        Love People

5. Senior adults are valued and integrated into the full spectrum of church life and ministry.

6. Friendship, encouragement and support are available to all members through active group relationships.

7. Structured ministries are in place for believers to grow deeper in their relationships to God and each other.

  a. Believers will move from first contact through growth and ministry to life-long discipleship.
  b. There is a constant equipping and releasing of new disciples into ministry and leadership.
  c. All ministries share a common sense of purpose and cooperation.
  d. Mission involvement and financial support is encouraged locally, nationally and internationally through the established           SBC agencies and through the sending of our own people to the mission field. 

 8. Quality facilities are accessible and well-maintained.